Who would want to leap into the blue Pacific in their Vera Wang and waltz into the reception hall drenched and sandy? No one. But, the next day or later in the week couples seem anxious to "trash the dress". With the soft dawn's early light or evening, these photos make a dramatic conclusion to their wedding story and memories of their time on Maui. It's as much fun for me as it is for the brides and grooms.

A West Side Trash the Dress, Ka'anapali, Maui

KRISTA & TERRY  photo 402-2_zps7c6de2b8.jpg  photo 451_zpscde4e424.jpg  photo 315_zps10a286a1.jpg  photo 354-2_zpsc653aeb6.jpg  photo 320_zps1529d986.jpg  photo 364-2_zps83a5c488.jpg  photo 380_zpsb7d534d6.jpg  photo 396_zpsea2a5d40.jpg  photo 405-2_zps4e0892a9.jpg  photo 414_zps613c5549.jpg  photo 409-2_zps772694e6.jpg  photo 417-2_zpse1e1c998.jpg  photo 424_zpsd7917b27.jpg  photo 427_zpse4dde126.jpg  photo 436_zps4932cc1a.jpg  photo 440_zpsa11d5a68.jpg  photo 441_zpsbea92dd8.jpg  photo 444_zpscb484736.jpg  photo 459_zpsda680a4e.jpg photo 481_zps82896714.jpg  photo 485_zps78fe66d4.jpg  photo 505_zps7c4a4d65.jpg  photo 515-2_zpsd25db305.jpg  photo 526_zpsa9ea31b0.jpg  photo 533_zpscfdd1194.jpg  photo 546_zpsad3ea69c.jpg  photo 562-2_zpsfee9e35a.jpg  photo 588_zps175fbd65.jpg  photo 597_zps4228e315.jpg  photo 602-2_zps88ad3688.jpg  photo 591_zps247ff488.jpg  photo 604_zps6841f0e8.jpg

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