Who would want to leap into the blue Pacific in their Vera Wang and waltz into the reception hall drenched and sandy? No one. But, the next day or later in the week couples seem anxious to "trash the dress". With the soft dawn's early light or evening, these photos make a dramatic conclusion to their wedding story and memories of their time on Maui. It's as much fun for me as it is for the brides and grooms.

Trashing the Dress Five days later at Elua Beach in Wailea, Hawaii

JAMIE & KEVIN  photo 420_zpscdf43865.jpg  photo 430_zps16dba7ca.jpg  photo 439_zps45e12ad2.jpg  photo 456_zps1717426d.jpg  photo 459_zps35e2efe8.jpg  photo 461_zpscdf1ac05.jpg  photo 467_zps580ce030.jpg  photo 472_zps4406b0b5.jpg  photo 493_zpsc589c447.jpg  photo 508_zps546a8e26.jpg  photo 514_zpsdb4adcc3.jpg  photo 520_zps458ac22e.jpg  photo 527-2_zpsb8351798.jpg  photo 536_zpsedefbd3b.jpg  photo 543-2_zpsbbc6dc3d.jpg  photo 551_zps67bd8e18.jpg  photo 556-2_zps0b4056a7.jpg  photo 565_zps2322658e.jpg  photo 572_zps3c6ce67b.jpg  photo 579-2_zps235c1f5e.jpg  photo 580_zps1341afbd.jpg  photo 581_zps032e7660.jpg  photo 597-1_zps337310bd.jpg  photo 606_zpsf70d864c.jpg

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